Learning More About Connecticut

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Connecticut is widely known to most United States citizens given the intricate pronunciation and spelling of its name, but it often goes unappreciated among some of the other New England states. Of course, there is actually a rich history in the state, and its native citizens tend to feel immense pride in having been born there. Many residents also move in from elsewhere and are so enamored with the locale that they never want to leave! So with that said, here are some basic facts that help make Connecticut make what it has become over the course of US history.

1 – The Name

Connecticut actually derives its name from the nearby Connecticut River. This is New England’s largest river, as it turns out. When considering just how many rivers there are in the region, this is no small feat! The word itself also has Native American origins. Quinnehtukqut was the original form, which translates roughly into English as “Beside the Long River Place”.

2 – Dual Capitals

Between the years of 1703 and 1875, Connecticut actually had two capital cities. The General Assembly would alternate between meeting in Hartford and New Haven. Afterward, Hartford was chosen as the sole capital, and the decision has remained in place ever since.

3 – Yale

Of course, Yale University has its home in New Haven, Connecticut. This is one of the most respected Ivy League educational institutes in the entire United States. Along many other accolades earned throughout the years, the United States’ first medical diploma was granted there in 1729, and five of the nation’s Presidents have attended the school. Many other notable individuals attended Yale, including a number of US Spreme Court Justices, several heads of state, and even a significant number of living American billionaires.

4 – A Wealth Of Inventions And Firsts

It seems that there’s just something in the air that has helped Connecticut cultivate a number of “firsts” in the world. For instance, the first pay phone in the country was built and featured there in 1877. It’s been said that New Haven was even the first place to serve a hamburger back in 1895. In 1846, the first example of the modern personal sewing machine was patented in the state. And that really just scratches the surface. Other inventions with origins in Connecticut include the blast furnace, the artificial heart, and state license plates (among many others).