Learn 8 Ways To Make A Business Catering To The Connecticut Elite

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Connecticut is not a huge state, but many of its residents have huge wallets and bank accounts. Many of the movers and shakers of major corporations based in Manhattan call this small state their home. While they might own apartments in the Big Apple they crash at in between long days, if they can get home in time the evening and especially on the weekends, then they do so in more spacious accommodations in Connecticut.

That makes this state a great place to start a business that caters to high-income individuals and high net worth households. Keep reading to learn 8 ways you could possibly get started doing this on your own or with a few others:

1) Luxury shopping: Money to burn means a willingness to shop, but they’re looking for items most aren’t wearing or having.

2) Fine dining: They probably fuel their office weeks on takeout Chinese. Give them something exotic, or just something comforting.

3) Arts: Huge homes need filled with decor, be it from around the world or local pieces they’ll never find anywhere else.

4) Entertainment: A movie theater isn’t enough for a high-culture, high-class crowd. Give them a reason to stay in their hometown and avoid the allure of Broadway or the entertainment tours visiting Madison Square Garden.

5) Spa and fitness: Many Manhattan professionals stay fit just from having to walk so much, but they also know that physical health can mean career success, so a high-end gym or personal training could be in demand. Likewise, the stress of their lives can mean that a luxury spa care center can be a hit.

6) Car care: The rich love driving nice cars, which they need to keep not just clean, but shiny, smelling great, and looking new. They might not drive them into Manhattan, but they sure do love cruising in them on the weekends. Luxury brands might need serious mechanics.

7) Lawn services: It’s a lot easier to have a house in Connecticut than it is in New York City, especially if you want a big home with land around it. There’s an expectation of pristine landscaping, possibly even with great swimming pools and immaculate gardening, which someone has to take care of.

8) Home security: Given the valuables in their homes and their long hours away at work in the big city, there’s demand for premium technology in home alarms, as well as patrolling neighborhood surveillance.