ASMC Holdings Launches $4 Million Real Estate Fund

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“Having a fund that invests in various asset classes across multiple states creates a unique opportunity for investors,” said Vijay Gupta, ASMC Holdings Senior VP Project Management.

    NEW YORK, NY, March 22, 2018 — ASMC Holdings, a $4 Million private equity real estate, close its lead investor early March. ASMC Holdings was established in March 2018 to raise capital of over 20 projects. The fund was met with interest from private and institutional investors a like.

“We are excited to have a private equity fund to finance our pipeline of projects. The fund will allow us to be more strategic in the marketplace and move decisively when we see opportunity,” said Vijay Gupta, Senior VP Project Management of ASMC Holdings. Vijay also added, “We have found opportunities to invest with operators and in markets we know very well and have had tremendous past success This past success allowed us to close over $3 million in just under 30 days.”

ASMC Holdings, which is headquartered in Delaware, has more than 50 years of experience in Real Estate development and delivery of best in class projects. ASMC Holdings pipeline consists of projects in several asset types including multifamily, Hotels, senior living, self-storage and industrial. The discretionary fund will also have an opportunistic component allowing the fund to invest in opportunities on a case-by-case basis. The deployment of the capital will occur across several states including New York, Atlanta, Connecticut, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Arizona and South Carolina.

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